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Chapter 1: What You Need to Know About Concept Models

Chapter 2: What You Need to Know About Business Rules

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"Articulates this complex subject lucidly, concisely and succinctly. Ron has hit a home run. Read it and see for yourself!"

John A. Zachman

"A book every business analyst must read."

- Paul Harmon

"A solid, practical, usable guide to understanding and developing the business rules that drive decisioning in your business operations."

- James Taylor

"Invaluable insights for anyone charged with changing whole business areas, products and services, or internal business processes."

Roger Burlton

"Mandatory reading for business practitioners, as well as for all curricula in management, business administration and computer science. Ample practical advice and very easy to read. I enjoyed it thoroughly."

- Sjir Nijssen

"Explains the fundamental concepts of fact modeling and business rules clearly and simply, using practical examples. Recommended reading for anyone wishing to better understand the enormous potential of this approach."

- Terry Halpin

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About the Author

Ronald G. Ross

Ronald G. Ross

Ronald G. Ross is recognized internationally as the 'father of business rules.' He has served as Co-Chair of the annual Business Rules & Decisions Forum Conference since 1997. He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group (BRG) in the 1980s, and an editor of the two landmark BRG papers, "The Business Motivation Model: Business Governance in a Volatile World" (2000) and the "Business Rules Manifesto" (2003), now in 18 languages. He is also active in OMG standards development, having core involvement in SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules).

Mr. Ross is Co-Founder and Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC ( along with Gladys S.W. Lam. At BRS, Mr. Ross co-develops BABusinessSpeak™, its landmark business analysis and business rules methodology, which features numerous innovative techniques including the popular RuleSpeak®. These are the latest offerings in a 42-year career that has consistently featured creative, business-driven solutions.

Mr. Ross also serves as Executive Editor and regular columnist of and its flagship on-line publication, Business Rules Journal. Mr. Ross was formerly Editor of the Data Base Newsletter from 1977 to 1998.

Mr. Ross is the author of 10 professional books. His newest are the 2nd edition of Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules with Gladys S.W. Lam (2015, An IIBA® Sponsored Handbook) and Business Rule Concepts (2013), a 4th edition of his ever-popular, easy-to-read 1998 handbook. An earlier work, The Business Rule Book (1994, 1997), was the seminal work in the field.

Mr. Ross received his M.S. in information science from Illinois Institute of Technology, and his B.A. from Rice University.

For more information about Mr. Ross, visit, which hosts his blog. Tweets: @Ronald_G_Ross

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Business Rule Concepts:

Getting to the Point of Knowledge (4th Edition)

By Ronald G. Ross

Business Rule Concepts: Getting to the Point of Knowledge (Fourth Edition)

Format: 162 pages / Paperback
Publisher: Business Rule Solutions, LLC (April 2013)
ISBN: 0-941049-14-0


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Background ...

Easy-to-understand explanation of business vocabulary, business rules and business processes ... and how they relate!

Find out how to ...

  • Analyze and manage each of the two major kinds of business rules.
  • Analyze and define business concepts, model business vocabulary, and create a concept model.
  • Make business processes smart and agile.

Down-to-earth, authoritative!

Introducing ConceptSpeak ... the breakthrough approach for developing concept models and developing business vocabularies.

Also featured ...

  • Business rules in business architecture
  • Re-engineering governance using General Rulebook Systems (GRBS)
  • Real-world use of SBVR

Requirements, Smart Architecture, Compliance, Business Vocabulary

This concise, easy-to-read handbook presents a groundbreaking, common-sense approach to solving today’s operational business problems. Find out why current IT methods have broken down and no longer scale.

Here are proven answers. Get your company on the road to true business agility!

The classic work on business rules by the world’s leading authority
... now updated with the very latest.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Business Rule Manifesto
... now in over 15 languages, read by well over 100,000 people worldwide.


Preface — The Business Rules Paradigm

  • The Body Analogy
  • The Organization of Business Operations
  • About this Book
  • Part 1 — The Key Ideas

    Chapter 1 — What You Need to Know About Structured Business Vocabularies

    • About Noun Concepts and Terms that Represent Them
    • About Connections Between Noun Concepts and Wordings that Represent Them
    • Using Graphical Concept Models
    • Closing the Communications Gap

    Chapter 2 — What You Need to Know About Business Rules

    • The Basics of Business Rules
    • Violation of Business Rules
    • Decision Management and Decision Tables
    • Business Activity vs Specialized Know-How

    Chapter 3 — What You Need to Know About Rulebook Management

    • General Rulebook Systems (GRBS)
    • Smart Governance
    • Revitalizing the Governance Process

    Part 2 — Business Vocabularies and Concept Models

    Chapter 4 — Concept Models and Verbalization

    • What It Means to be Verb-ish
    • Issues That Can Only Be Handled Well Using Verbs
    • More Ways in Which Concept Models are Verb-ish

    Chapter 5 — Creating a Concept Model

    • Forming Definitions
    • Capturing Verb Concepts and Roles

    Chapter 6 — Special-Purpose Elements of Structure

    • Categories and Categorizations
    • Properties
    • Compositions — Whole-Part (Partitive) Structures
    • Classifications

    Part 3 — Business Rules

    Chapter 7 — Business Rules

    • What is a Business Rule?
    • Behavioral Rules
    • Definitional Rules
    • More Things You Should Know
    • Exceptions

    Chapter 8 — Business Rules and Events: Flash Points

    • Multiple Events for Each Business Rule
    • CRUD Events

    Chapter 9 — The Art of Business Rules

    • Drilling Down
    • Quality Assessment
    • Decision Tables

    Part 4 — Architecture

    Chapter 10 — Smart Architectures and the Point of Knowledge

    • The Point of Knowledge
    • Point-of-Knowledge Architecture

    Chapter 11 — Business Rules and Business Processes

    • How Business Rules Relate to Business Processes
    • Best Practices

    Chapter 12 — Envisioning Really Smart Systems: Dynamic, Thin, Throwaway Procedures

    • Computational Models for Really Smart Systems
    • Behavioral Rules in Really Smart Systems

    Business Rules Manifesto — The Principles of Rule Independence




    About the Author — Ronald G Ross

    About Business Rule Solutions, LLC