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No More ITSpeak!

Here’s How to Speak ‘Business’ About the Things That Make Your Company Smart…

Ronald G. Ross

Announcing Three ‘Speak’ Primers for Free Download … New!
By Ronald G. Ross

Need to develop and express business logic? We’ve got you covered!
Authoritative, Comprehensive, Pragmatic.

Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis – A Primer: How to Use DecisionSpeak<sup>™</sup> and Question Charts (Q-Charts<sup>™</sup>)

Decision Analysis – A Primer: How to Use DecisionSpeak and Question Charts (Q-Charts)

Format: 49 pages / PDF
A Business Rule Solutions Primer
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Take a top-down business view of the decisions in your business processes. Visualize, explore, and get ready to harvest the decision logic.

Decision analysis involves identifying, diagraming and analyzing key questions arising repetitively in day-to-day business activity.

The end-product is the explicit decision logic, which can take the form of:

  • decision structures.
  • decision tables.
  • business rule statements.

For the decisions you achieve …

  • consistency.
  • highest possible flexibility.
  • lowest possible cost-of-management.

Externalizing decision logic from processes reduces their complexity significantly. It also results in decision logic that is far more …

  • accessible.
  • adaptable.
  • re-usable.

Overall, externalizing and single-sourcing decision logic is essential to achieving business agility. This Primer shows you how to make decision analysis a key technique in your professional toolkit.

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Decision Tables

Decision Tables – A Primer: How to Use TableSpeak<sup>™</sup>

Decision Tables – A Primer: How to Use TableSpeak

Format: 121 pages / PDF
A Business Rule Solutions Primer
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Buying a decision management platform does not mean you automatically make good decisions. Learn how to think before you act. Conceive, construct, confirm!

Many decision tables are simply too technical. They are aimed at software developers, not business people. Do they have to be?

No! This Primer shows you how to stay as close as possible to formats intuitive and natural for business people. It emphasizes:

  • Deliberate choice of style.
  • Careful communication of meaning.
  • Protection for integrity.
  • Declarative representation.
  • Single-sourcing.

Decision tables are by no means a perfect form of representation, nor can they be used for a great many business rules. They are not a silver bullet!

In the hands of informed practitioners, however, they can be extremely useful. They fit handily with many implementation platforms, including decision management platforms, and can provide significant ROI.

This Primer is in-depth, readable and completely vendor-neutral. It introduces you to everything you need to know about this high-powered technique. Be informed!

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RuleSpeak 3.0

Tabulation of Lists in RuleSpeak<sup>®</sup>: A Primer – Using 'The Following' Clause

Tabulation of Lists in RuleSpeak®: A Primer – Using “The Following” Clause

Format: 16 pages / PDF
A Business Rule Solutions Primer
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The most powerful, insight-packed 16 pages about how to improve your writing in recent memory. A real breakthrough!

Ever find …

  • People struggling to interpret strings of ORs and ANDs?
  • Difficulties expressing how many conditions must hold true?
  • Lists of conditions you just can’t fit into a decision table?

This Primer introduces tabulation — coordinated lists — to provide huge simplification and improvement in your writing. Here’s how you can simultaneously achieve higher precision and greater readability.

Tabulation lends itself naturally to asking questions and identifying ambiguities, gaps and inconsistencies. Enhance your writing skills by an order of magnitude!

This Primer explains how in down-to-earth, authoritative fashion. It provides practical guidelines and numerous examples.

Tabulation not the same as decision tables. If decision tables would work for these problems you should use them! But they don’t. Find out why.

RuleSpeak is the world’s most familiar set of techniques for expressing textual business logic in precise, business-friendly form. This Primer introduces RuleSpeak 3.0.

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Visit the RuleSpeak® website to learn more about this set of guidelines for expressing business rules in concise, business-friendly fashion.

How to Join the Dialog …


Gladys S.W. Lam BRS consultants have the special know-how and experience — the right stuff — to ensure your success! Engage us for:

  • Assessments - Let us evaluate your deliverables to show you how to enhance their precision and quality by adding business rules, decisions and decision tables.
  • Mentoring - Let us train and guide your staff in capturing, analyzing and managing your business rules and decision logic.
  • Working Hands-On - Let us join with your project team to infuse our world-class knowledge, methods and techniques.

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