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Think Why. Ask Why. Know Why. - Business Rules answer the question Why

About Business Rule Solutions, LLC

Business Rule Solutions is your one-stop solution for all your business rule needs.

Business Rule Solutions, LLC is the recognized world leader in the advancement of the business rule approach. Our Principals, Ronald G. Ross and Gladys S.W. Lam, are internationally acclaimed as the foremost experts and practitioners of business rule techniques and methodology.

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The recognized world leader
in the business rule approach

Whether you are just getting started, or taking your organization the next level, we can draw on our extensive experience to guide you confidently each step of the way.

Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS) provides a comprehensive array of professional services. These services range from one-day sessions to long-term consultations that offer practical expertise in planning, managing and implementing major projects.

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Introduction to the Business Rule Solutions Consulting Service Portfolio

What Makes Business Rule Solutions Different ...

  • Over 14 years exclusively in business rules
  • Depth of experience in methods, techniques and tools
  • Emphasis on rapid knowledge transfer
  • Creation of business solutions
  • World-class project planning

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How Business Rule Solutions can help ...

  • Educate your management about the concepts and benefits of business rules
  • Train your staff in business rules methods, techniques and tools
  • Facilitate business rule capture sessions with SMEs
  • Identify and analyze decisions in business activity
  • Specify, analyze and organize your business rules
  • Create streamlined, decision-smart business processes
  • Organize and structure your business vocabulary
  • Set-up the governance process

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Consulting Services Overview

Capturing Business Rules Using Facilitated Sessions

If your rules are in people's heads; or you don't know the right questions to ask to get the rules; Business Rule Solutions can facilitate business rule capture through:

  • Intensive business rule capture with knowledge experts
  • Pragmatic, effective and proven approach
  • Facilitate divergent views and different personalities

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Harvesting Business Rules from Source Material

If you are overwhelmed by harvesting business rules from great big books; or you don't know how to get started; Business Rule Solutions can facilitate business rule capture through:

  • Pragmatic, effective and proven plan and approach
  • Organization, management and validation of business rules as they are identified
  • Analysis of business rules for duplication, redundancy and accuracy

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Business Rules Management and Organization

If your rules are all over the place; or you can't find the rule(s) you need; or your don't know how the rules relate; Business Rule Solutions can help you get a handle on your business rules:

  • Untangle your rules
  • Organize your rules by decisions, by terms, by process tasks
  • Specify your rules using consistent, business-friendly vocabulary
  • Manage and publish your rulebook

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Streamlining Business Processes

When your business processes are too complex, or you have too many diamonds on your process maps, or your process descriptions are too long; BRS can streamline your business processes:

  • Factor out rules from process
  • Make your processes concise and easy to read
  • Get buy-in and agreement

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Organizing Business Vocabulary

When everyone uses inconsistent terms; or one term has many meanings, and many different terms are being used for the samr thing; we can organize your business vocabulary:

  • Define your business vocabulary
  • Use your business terms consistently in all rule statements and decision tables ... and requirements and specifications

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Governance and Compliance

If you have challenges surrounding regulatory compliance; the accurate and timely deployment of business policies; or business rule chanage management; BRS can assist with your governance processes:

  • Develop objectives and vision for the governance process
  • Define governance process
  • Establish roles and responsibilities

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If your challenges have you feeling like you can benefit even more from your current business rule approach or you don't know if you are progressing according to industry best practices; Business Rule Solutions can assess your progress:

  • Evaluate process for rule specification, analysis, management and execution
  • Assess architecture for rule implementation
  • Review business rule toolsets

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