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Business Analysis with Business Rules: Workshop on Business Requirements & Modeling (2-Days)

“The most innovative and practical approach for success; proven by hundreds of companies worldwide.”

About This Workshop …

This highly pragmatic workshop shows you how to achieve unparalleled success in business analysis. It details the innovative techniques you need for a business-driven approach, and how to apply each for dramatic improvements in the quality of business requirements.

Hands-on techniques are discussed for engineering the best possible business solution in 4-6 weeks. Central to the approach is establishing scope, strategy, vocabulary, processes and rules, all from the business perspective. This workshop prepares you with deep, hands-on understanding of how to use highly effective techniques in all these areas. It also lays out roles and responsibilities, especially to ensure active, high-impact participation by business stakeholders with an absolute minimum use of their time.

The approach taught in this workshop has proven itself time and time again. It enables you to transition smoothly into system requirements and design, and then into successful roll-out of a complete and highly effective business system.

What Makes This Workshop Unique …

This workshop explains how IT requirements specification can be coordinated for maximum business advantage. It shows how to ensure effective communication between business people and IT professionals, resulting in system designs that truly reflect business thinking.

Focused pattern questions are presented for each deliverable, along with numerous examples, to capture associated business rules thoroughly and accurately.

This workshop provides the perfect front-end for system development projects. Its unique focus on business strategy and business rules sets it apart from all others in the industry. It is illustrated through-out with a far-ranging real-life experience and is taught by the world-wide leaders in the field with a long track record of success.

Learning Objectives …

  • Review detailed, step-by-step instructions about how to prepare, facilitate, analyze and document sessions to develop business requirements
  • Develop the best possible business solution directly with business people
  • Create a multi-part business model and develop business rules
  • Balance process models with business strategy, vocabulary and rules
  • Use business rules in developing more robust requirements
  • Ensure continuing business alignment of your project
  • Involve business people at the right times and in the right ways
  • Identify show-stoppers up-front and avoid costly downstream rewrites and delays
  • Ensure your organization’s investment in IT projects pays off
  • Learn best practices fined-tuned through wide-ranging experience
  • Understand the reasons for real-life successes and failures

Course Certification …

The Business Analysis with Business Rules: Workshop on Business Requirement & Modeling workshop has been approved to be earn 16 CDU and PD hours.

Workshop Outline …

Focus on Business Requirements

  • What does it mean to be business-driven
  • The role of business rules
  • The importance of factoring
  • The importance of audience
  • The art of business re-think

Business Analysis Methodology

  • Business model vs. system model
  • Phases, deliverables and sign offs
  • About the pattern questions for capturing business rules

Defining Project Scope

  • The elements of scope
  • Defining mission, goals and objectives
  • Architectural requirements vs. project planning
  • What about the project charter?

Facilitation Discussion and Workshop Problem

Developing the Business Solution

  • How strategy is structured
  • Developing the Policy Charter
  • Identifying and addressing business risks
  • Where core business rules fit
  • Developing and refining the business tactics
  • Developing and refining the business policies
  • Looking for holes in the business approach
  • Getting ready for modeling business processes

Facilitation Discussion and Workshop Problem

Capturing Business Rules from the Business Solution Strategy

Developing the Business Process

  • Process models and business rules
  • How to avoid gridlock, meltdown and other pitfalls

Facilitation Discussion and Workshop Problem

Capturing Business Rules Using the Business Process Model

Developing the Business Vocabulary

  • Structuring core business knowledge
  • Calling things by their right (business) names
  • How clear concepts help with processes

Facilitation Discussion

Capturing Business Rules Using the Structured Business Vocabulary

Developing Business Milestones

  • Exploring state transition from the business perspective
  • Capturing state transition rules

Completing the Business Model

  • More places to harvest rules
  • Policy performance and metrics

Initiating the System Model

  • System Design Charter
  • Use cases
  • Transition and translation checkpoints

Running Business Rule Projects

  • Business rules vs. requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • What tools you need
  • Estimating effort for business rule capture
  • What every project manager should know


Pricing …

  • $8,000 plus travel and living expenses, as required.

Contact Gladys Lam (281) 217-9878 to discuss your requirement.