Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence

Agility Blueprinting

Purpose: This fine-grained service offering addresses these fundamental business agility challenges:

  • Need for digital integration
  • Poor requirements
  • Lack of structured methodology
  • Business not knowing the rules
  • Inaccessible business rules
  • Lack of corporate memory
  • Decision-making not transparent
  • Software solutions difficult to change
  • Poor data quality

Approach: Introduce the following four core knowledge techniques of business agility into your business initiative or core business area and transfer related skills and techniques:

  • Business vocabulary (concept models)
  • Business rules
  • Business architecture (value chain)
  • Business knowledge-base

Description: This service offering examines current capabilities within a business or business area to:

  1. Assess the quality of current operations based on the following items using a value chain model:
  • Processes – effectiveness, scalability and integration
  • Concepts – semantic quality of data
  • Roles & Responsibilities – gaps, overlaps and cohesion
  • Policies – clarity, completeness and effectiveness
  1. Initiate creation of a concept model (structured business vocabulary) following the natural ‘build-up’ sequence in the value chain model
  1. Specify business rules to address the problem areas identified for processes, concepts, roles & responsibilities, and policies
  1. Launch a business-knowledge base using a suitable platform to retain all specifications and sign-offs in an integrated and manageable fashion