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DAMA Sydney July Meeting – Verbish Models: How to Coax Semantics into Your Data Models

Location: Sydney, Australia Networking from 5pm (canapes provided, drinks purchased from the bar). Presentation 6pm to 7pm. Networking from 7pm. Verbish Models: How to Coax Semantics into Your Data Models If it were as simple as data models vs. process models, our industry would have resolved all the ‘big’ problems many years ago. But it’s not that simple. In particular, there is the problem of how your company can make better, more consistent, more agile operational decisions. Related to that challenge is how it can retain know-how in a form that is traceable, manageable and redeployable so the loss of baby boomers and/or vital SMEs doesn’t bring the company to its knees. And of course, we could always do a much better job of developing communicating and requirements than we do today. All those things lead inexorably toward structured business vocabularies and business rules. Most data modeling techniques have always been noun-ish – oriented ultimately to the things to be stored in databases and data warehouses. But there has always been a verb-ish counterpart, best typified by the fact models of Terry Halpin and Sjir Nijssen. This presentation examines traditional problems in data modeling that are handled better using fact models. Hear about how you can enhance your data modeling skills to gear up for semantics, as well as become more versatile and effective in your day-to-day practice. Learn why your company needs your special talent a lot worse than it may think! * What your company really needs for business improvement and innovation * Why you should care about verbs as well as nouns * How to make know-how tangible … so it won’t be out-sourced * Data models that aren’t just “data” models * What you need to know about business rules Speaker Biography – Ronald G. Ross Ronald G. Ross is recognized internationally as the “father of business rules.” He has Chaired the annual Business Rules Forum since 1997. He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group in the 1980s, and an editor of two landmark BRG papers, The Business Motivation Model and the Business Rules Manifesto. He is active in standards development, with core involvement in SBVR. Mr. Ross is Executive Editor of BRCommunity.com and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal. He is author of eight professional books, including Business Rule Concepts (2009), a just released 3rd edition of his popular, easy-to-read 1998 handbook. Mr. Ross speaks frequently at industry events worldwide. Mr. Ross is Co-Founder and Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC and is actively engaged in consulting, training and research. He co-developed RuleSpeak®. Mr. Ross gives highly regarded public seminars in North America through AttainingEdge and in Europe through IRM-UK. For additional information about Mr. Ross, please visit his personal website at www.RonRoss.info. More information: http://www.dama.org.au/chapters/sydney/events/

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IIBA® Australia: Business Rules for Requirements and Processes

Location: Sydney, Australia With thanks to Leonardo Consulting for sponsoring the venue and refreshments, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Australia Chapter presents “Business Rules for Requirements and Processes: Why Business Analysts Should Care – A Lot!” by Ronald G. Ross. Business Rules for Requirements and Processes: Why Business Analysts Should Care – A Lot! This session examines best practices for business rules, and the pragmatic techniques needed for success. Drawing heavily from real-life experience, it provides clear insight into where business rules fit into your requirements methodology. It also explains how business rules can enable order-of-magnitude improvement in business agility. Critical areas of practical importance are explained, including where and how business rules fit with process modeling, IT requirements development, business vocabulary, business solution strategy, and more. Special emphasis is placed on how to improve communication among business people, business analysts and IT staff, and how to express business rules clearly and consistently. Rule management is also explained. Find out how you and your organisation can become far more successful in creating agile business processes.
  • What business rules are really about
  • Business rule techniques for business analysts
  • Business rules and business process models
  • Business rules and requirements
  • Business rule life cycle vs. software development life cycle
  • Rule management in action
Event Details
  • Date: Wednesday, 20th July 2011
  • Time: Networking from 6pm. Presentation 6:30pm to 7:30pm.
  • Refreshments: Light refreshments
  • Venue: SMC Conference & Function Centre, Northcott Room
  • Address: Level 5, 66 Goulburn St., Sydney NSW 2000. For map click here
Registration Details To reserve your place, book now. Get in quick, our last two Sydney events reached maximum registrations in less than 2 days! * Register: Click here to register * Registrations close: 18 July 2011 or when maximum registrations are reached. More info: http://australia.theiiba.org/index.php/events  

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ProcessDays 2011: Keynote Presentation “The Process for Business Rules”

Location: Sydney, Australia We are often confused, not knowing why we work so hard with little to show for it. Why do things that logically seem so simple, cost far more than expected and take so long. The process for business rules is a pathway from gridlock to agility, offering proven order-of-magnitude improvements in business capabilities. Ultimately, the process for business rules involves nothing less than the nuts-and-bolts governance process of the organization.   More info: http://www.leonardo.com.au/ProcessDays-conference-program.html

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1-Day MasterClass: Business Rules from A to Z

Location: Sydney, Australia This Master Class explains business rules, decision analysis, and related techniques giving clear, authoritative insight into essential concepts on a point-by-point basis, amplified by far-ranging professional experience. Critical areas of practical importance are explained, including where and how business rules fit with BPM. The class also explores how business rules relate to requirements, business analysis, semantics, decision tables, rule management, enterprise architecture, legacy modernization, and more. If you are looking for innovative approaches and proven ways to build better business solutions, this Master Class is for you. More info: http://www.leonardo.com.au/ProcessDays-masterclasses-program.html

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