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Metaprocess vs. Governance Process

Mark Linehan commented[1]: Well-run businesses have a formal governance process: a business process for managing changes to other business processes. Defined this way, a governance process is a metaprocess. My reply: There is a governance process in every organization, whether well-run or not. Unfortunately it’s often unstructured and ad hoc. In any case, governance is about “the making and administration of [business] policy in [an organization]”[2]. Yes, the business policies can certainly have the effect of changing (transforming) other organizational processes. But that’s indirect. So I think calling a ‘governance process’ meta- is a bit tenuous.

[1] This series of point/counterpoint replies is a follow-up to my post “Meta Here. Meta There. Meta Everywhere?” (March 31, 2014), which generated a surprising amount of great discussion. (Thanks all!) Refer to: http://www.brsolutions.com/2014/03/31/meta-here-meta-there-meta-everywhere/ The definition I’m using for meta- is from Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary [3b]:

3b: of a higher logical type – in nouns formed from names of disciplines and designating new but related disciplines such as can deal critically with the nature, structure, or behavior of the original ones *metalanguage* *metatheory* *metasystem* 

[2]from Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary [“govern” 1a]

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Ronald G. Ross

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    Mark H Linehan


    I do not mean business governance in general. I mean formal processes (in the sense of BPMN) for managing changes to business processes (also as in BPMN). This is why I used the words “well run” and “formal governance process”.

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