BRSolutions Professional Training Suite
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Streamed, Self-Paced Training

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Make Yourself Indispensable

We want to share some insights with you that will positively rock your world. They will absolutely change the way you think and go about your work. We would like to give you high-leverage opportunities to add value to your initiatives, and give you innovative new techniques for developing great business solutions. If you are looking for fresh ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

As you know, your company faces a great many challenges these days. With our techniques, you will be able to ensure projects stay true to their business goals, ensure success, and exceed expectations. See yourself empowered for success.

Let’s face it – your world has become ever more unpredictable. It’s hard to produce consistently outstanding results and keep up with the rate of change.

The problem has become even more urgent since the start of the pandemic. Regulations, policies and rules are changing at lightning speed. Existing approaches to requirements and transformation just don’t address them adequately. We do! We focus directly on these elements of business governance.

Rather than just hoping for better outcomes on your projects, we show you how to engineer those outcomes. How would you like to eliminate misunderstandings, fragmented requirements, poor data quality, and other problems dragging your project down? No matter what role you play, our training identifies critical missing pieces in your current approach. Our training quite literally will teach you how to think differently.

Who Is Our Training For?

You might be an architect, an analyst, a manager, or any other role that has to do with business processes, data, or doing important projects. You might be a policymaker, compliance officer, or CIO who wants to be successful in protecting your organization, make sure the business acts intelligently, and achieve the best possible business results.

Now, here’s the thing. When you’re dealing with requirements and innovation, simple mistakes or omissions can have chain reactions, make you waste time and resources, and lose credibility with stakeholders and customers. You have to have a solid approach.

No, we are not going to promise you that you can solve every business problem with our approach. But our training will prove eye-opening for on-the-job professionals who know their current approach isn’t performing as well as it should and want better results. Our approach is for people who are looking for real solutions, and who are bold enough to take action.

Let’s assume you are already competent in your field of expertise. Also, that you’re the type of professional who knows how important your role is in ensuring projects run smoothly and achieve desired results. What would it be worth to you and your company to have the very best techniques in the world to solve today’s problems and ensure you get the results you want?

No matter what role you play in projects, our training provides something critical – the means to quickly reach shared understanding about complex concepts and business logic. Wouldn’t it be valuable to you to interact with your business partners more effectively? Do that and you’ll become an indispensable part of any project. What would it mean to you to finally be recognized for the value you add?

We’ve created this training for people just like you. Would you like to take your career to the next level? Want to become indispensable to your organization? Build better business solutions? If so, there’s no doubt you’ll benefit from our training.

Who is BRS?

How do you know you can trust our approach? How do you know you’re not just wasting your time and that we can actually help you?

BRSolutions is known around the world as the authority in business engineering and design practices. We know exactly what needs to be done to succeed because we’ve applied these practices in many hundreds of projects all over the world. We’ve trained thousands and thousands of professionals internationally for more than 24 years, both virtually and in-person.

BRSolutions has created highly innovative techniques to help you develop the proper foundation and structure for your project or initiative. We’ve been the pioneer in specialty areas including policy interpretation, business rules, decision analysis, and business vocabulary. Our techniques are highly complementary to the current methods you probably use already, but they fill a huge gap in your current approach.

To achieve success and long-lasting innovation, BRSolutions strongly believes that business knowledge is fundamental. That’s why we’ve developed techniques suitable for the challenges of the new Knowledge Economy, which is rapidly changing the world and leaving many organizations behind.

BRSolutions was founded in 1997 by Gladys Lam and Ron Ross who quickly became recognized as world-leading authorities in the field. Our consistent success on clients’ initiatives has proven the power of our techniques time and time again.

But here’s the thing. This is not an experimental approach. The only way that a company like BRSolutions could succeed is to make sure its clients are successful.

Some of our most prominent Fortune 1000 clients include Boeing, Microsoft, American Express, Bristol Myers Squibb, Nestle, Maersk, USAA, and a great many more.

We’ve also consulted to many government agencies around the world including:

  • The Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (better known as CDC)

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA)

  • Statistics Netherlands

  • Bureau of Land Management

  • and many, many more.

Our techniques are sound and they’re proven.

About Our Training Package

The BRSolutions Professional Training Suite consists of over 70 training units, organized around 16 subjects. Length varies from 5 minutes to 60 minutes each, depending on topic. The training is streamed and fully self-paced. It includes:

  1. Techniques

  2. Step-By-Step Methods

  3. Critical Thinking Skills

  4. Industry Best Practices

  5. Examples

  6. Case Studies

  7. Exercises with completed solutions

  8. Pattern Questions

  9. Templates

  10. Tips, Hints and Pitfalls

  11. Certification

  12. Email Support

  13. Quarterly Discussion Groups

Our training features five individual modules tailored to your specific needs. The five modules form a comprehensive, highly coordinated package, but they can also be acquired and taken individually.

Five Modules of the
BRSolutions Professional Training Suite

Building Better Business Solutions

Module 1.
Vocabulary, Rules, Decisions, Processes & Requirements – All Working Together

This module gives you fresh insights about how the components of core business knowledge fit together and new know-how to create better business requirements.

Applying In-Depth Techniques

Module 2.
Concepts, Vocabulary & Data – Clarity & Communication

This module explains how to clarify business jargon and fundamentally improve business communication and data quality.

Module 3.
Rules & Policies – Correctness & Guidance

This module addresses correctness. It enables you to ensure work is done reliably and consistently. Proper guidance also enables you achieve high data quality.

Module 4.
Decision Analysis & Decision Tables – Consistency & Adaptability

This module shows you how to reduce the complexity of your decision logic, engineer consistency, and achieve real adaptability in your business processes.

Positioning for Business Agility

Module 5.
Business Redesign & Governance – Leveraging Knowledge

This forward-leaning module introduces pragmatic approaches to fully leverage business knowledge and to move the whole of your operations – not just software development – toward true business agility.

The Logic Behind Our Approach

So, what does it mean to develop outstanding business solutions? What are better business requirements really about?

Many professionals just seem to focus on the latest trends and newest technology. That’s a mistake you want to avoid. Keeping up to date is very important, of course, but think about this: How can you take giant strides in innovation and agility without the proper foundation and structure?

Look at it this way. It’s like building a house. First, you need to lay the foundation. Then you need structure. They hold everything up.

If instead you focus immediately on designing the exterior and interior, there’s a big risk that everything will fall down. That’s like building on sand. That’s a big reason why so many of your projects fail to meet expectations. Wouldn’t you like to find out how to put your initiative on a more solid footing?

Some of the Things Our Training Covers

Our approach answers 8 fundamental questions. By understanding the answers to these questions, we are able to introduce you to ground-breaking opportunities to add value to your initiatives.

  1. What is the missing piece in your current approach? You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what the problem really is. What is it you’re not seeing? The answer is surprisingly simple. First, we identify the problem, then we cover how to address it.

  2. What are rules? Many professionals fail to understand the importance of business rules. This isn’t something taught in any other training. We are constantly surprised how many people don’t know what business rules really are. Once you understand, you’ll start wondering why they haven’t been front and center in your projects all along.

  3. How are rules different from requirements? We’ll explain how to tell them apart. We’ll highlight the problems that arise when you mix them up. Sometimes wonder why you even have certain requirements? Or where they came from? Business rules give you the deeper ‘why’ of requirements.

  4. How can you be more agile about doing agile? Being agile is a good thing of course. Absolutely. But there is a missing piece in your current approach we will identify. It’s why your agile isn’t as agile as it could be, and the reason you’re not achieving the business agility from your investment in agile techniques you’ve hoped for.

  5. How do rules, policies, processes, and decisions all fit together? Chances are you’ve not seen the light on this question yet. We anticipate a huge ‘ah-ha’ moment for you here. We’ll show you how to dramatically simplify your processes. We’re very sure about that because we’ve done it countless times.

  6. How do rules, concepts, and data relate? In today’s world, good decision-making is all about good data. But how good is your current data quality? Is it everything you could hope for? Probably not even close! We’ll explain why data almost inevitably ends up out of control, even after cleansing. We’ll show you how concepts and rules are key to the solution.

  7. What do policies and rules have to do with compliance? On the surface, it almost seems like a silly question. Policies and rules are obviously right at the very heart of compliance – not just regulatory compliance, but all kinds of compliance. Look deeper and you’ll see how your approach to interpreting and revising policies is effectively broken. Just altogether too much hand-waving, and far too little real engineering.

  8. How can you develop better policies and rules? Imagine a world where policy specialists, business analysts, and software developers sit side-by-side to develop new or revised policies and test-drive them on real data before rolling them out. Yes, we will take you there!

Our Training Can Help

There’s real urgency about getting yourself and your team to address the problems your company faces. Unfortunately, those problems aren’t going away. Instead, they’re only going to get worse with time.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge those problems and to talk about them. But the only way to resolve them is to understand them clearly, then move deliberately to eliminate them.

What problems are we talking about? Here is a short list we have seen in our assignments at many, many hundreds of companies around the world. These same problems are literally everywhere. See yourself empowered to address them!

  • Poor customer service. Customers receive inconsistent or incorrect results and their expectations are not met. You can fix that!

  • Painfully ineffective business operations. Systems fail to meet expectations or needs. You have a hard time keeping up with the rate of change. The business doesn’t know its rules. You can’t properly do compliance. The logic driving operational decisions is unknown or erratic. You can also fix that!

  • Mis-communication, mis-interpretation and mis-understanding. People are using the wrong terminology. They can’t communicate clearly. They always struggle to reach shared understanding. They can’t remember what’s already been discussed. You can fix that too!

  • Data quality is awful. Your data is hard to understand and you’re not exploiting it to its full potential. You can fix that!

  • Poor requirements. Your requirements aren’t business-friendly. They often fail to solve the business problem. They are incomplete, inadequate or incoherent. They don’t tell you the business why. You can fix those things!

  • Lack of appropriate methodology. What you’re doing doesn’t connect the dots. It really doesn’t give you the methods you need to do top-notch work. Yes, you can fix that too!

It is safe to assume you have some or all these problems. By learning what we know, you can empower your project and boost your own career.

Your Role and Your Future

Even though we are all professionals, when you get right down to it, these shortcomings become quite personal for us. We don’t always like to talk about it, but it’s absolutely true. Failing hurts!

It’s frustrating to see that time and time again there are gaps that didn’t get filled. Questions that didn’t get asked. Opportunities that weren’t seized. Software development that goes awry. That grind wears you down! You want to do better than that! And you can!

We can assume you are the kind of person that really cares about your business partners. It’s frustrating when they think you’re just wasting their time. That you’re not really up to speed on their business knowledge. That you’re failing to engage them at the gut level in meaningful dialog.

More importantly, perhaps your organization is not fully appreciating your own true value. You tell them you’re all about meaningful business innovation and process improvement, but they still perceive you silently as simply a necessary evil, a system geek, or just an order-taker.

Don’t you want to be their true business partner? All you really need is to be properly equipped for the job.

Critical Thinking Skills

Now here’s the thing. You’ve listened to other experts and trainers in the past. You can follow that crowd, but where exactly are they taking you? Mostly to simply more of the same, the same by-the-book stuff you can hear from everyone. If it really worked all that well, don’t you think you’d see great results everywhere you look? But you don’t see those results, do you?

We have quite different ideas and something very special to teach you. It’s quite unique. That’s why we are considered the authorities in the field. That’s why so many people come back to us over time, often after many years, to personally thank us for the insights they gained from us.

It’s rare in our industry to have career-changing or life-changing experiences from one particular instance of training. With us it happens regularly. That’s how we know what we offer is unique and exclusive. You are simply not going to get this anywhere else. We know. We are the hands-on pioneers in the areas we’ve talked about.

We also know that what we teach is not for everyone. Some people are happy just to pass their certification exams and be done with it. No! That’s not our way! We want to go farther!

We’re looking for that special breed of professional who wants to solve real problems with real solutions. Ones who are not afraid to stray a little bit off the beaten path when the logic is compelling. Are you one of those people?

Learn at Your Own Pace

Want to learn fast or take your time? We’ve organized the material so you can set your own pace.

  • Want to get up to speed fast? Go straight through, and get through the material in about 30 hours.

  • Want to learn more gradually? Do an hour a day, and complete the material over 3 months.

The bottom line is we’ve designed something that’s quite easy for you to work into your own schedule.

Now you may be someone who doesn’t actually need all the material. Maybe you’re a specialist or professional who needs only certain topics. We’ve designed the training to address the specific needs of many stakeholders ranging from executives and managers, to business analysts and business architects. No matter whether you are a compliance officer, process engineer, policy professional, data specialist, or other, we’ll guide you through the material selectively. You’ll find exactly what you need, and you can expand from there as desired.


What We Don’t Cover

Do our techniques and training package cover everything? No! If we don’t cover it, does that mean it isn’t important? Of course not!

For example, we don’t address customer journeys or directly deal with customer emotions and experience. Isn’t that a hot topic these days?

Of course, but it’s simply not what we do. Fortunately, our techniques are plug-compatible with best-of-breed techniques in that space. We teach you what you need to know to analyze narratives of those journeys, and to resolve questions and ambiguities that arise from them. You don’t need us to teach you how to capture the journeys themselves. And the same goes for user stories and use cases.

Or perhaps you’re thinking that in-depth analysis is too complex or might take too long and require too much effort.

Let’s speak to that. We don’t shy away from it. We provide the depth and structure you need to think through even the most complex questions regarding concepts, policies, rules and decisions.

We show you when and where to apply them.

We say it this way. We give you the right structure to ask the right questions at the right times in the right ways. In the long run, don’t you think doing that will speed you up, rather than slow you down? Don’t you think it will save lots of time and avoid so many blind alleys?

Of course it will! Remember, as the saying goes, in building a house it’s a lot easier to use an eraser than a sledgehammer!

Or maybe you’re thinking you just don’t have the time to go through the training itself.

Remember, this training is completely self-paced, self-selected, and self-scheduled. You do it when the time is right for you.

In the big scheme of things, the time you’ll spend on the training is not really all that much. It’s actually just a small investment to move toward a brighter future – one that will pay huge dividends not just in the immediate future, but over your entire career.

Real Value

Most companies simply don’t have the know-how our training provides. The training will pay for itself quickly. You can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars on project miscommunication and omissions in the near term.

It is actually worth even more to you than that because the approach taught in this training will help enhance your company’s brand, ensure compliance, and build customer trust. You simply won’t find any other training that does what ours does.

Terms and Conditions

  • Special BBC special pricing of $895 available until Nov 5, 2020.

  • The training will be released on January 15, 2021.

  • Your training is available for streaming for 6 months.