Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence

In November 2016 1400 business analysts spent a week with our team and other industry leaders to brush up on the latest concepts, techniques and methodologies.

Now it is your turn to learn these key business analysis skills

How the world's foremost companies are
sharpening requirements, harvesting
knowledge, and achieving compliance.


  • Easy: A phone line and computer with access to the Internet is all you need.
  • Convenient: No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office.
  • Affordable: Your costs are a fraction of the normal travel and registration fees for public or on-site seminars. Do the math!
  • Unlimited Participation: Put a speakerphone on your end so as many people as you want can listen in.
  • Team Training: Use these sessions as a cost-effective, time-efficient means to train supervisors, managers and staff on key points in a manner they will remember and act on.
  • Effective: Our sessions give you pragmatic techniques you can start to use as soon as you’re off the phone.
  • High-Impact: Fast paced and highly focused. No wasted time – perfect to fit your busy schedule.
  • Self-Directed: Attend an entire series or any single session – or some combination.

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Business Analysis with Business Rules

Class type: Instructor-Led, On-line, Interactive Training
Time: Two 1.5 hour sessions per day
Date: April 4-7, 2017
Venue: The convenience of your own location - no travel
Tickets: $195 / Session or $895 / Series

Here’s what attendees are saying...

“A great class that explains the importance of business rules in today’s work place.”

~ Christopher.

“You did a wonderful job!! The material was organized and valuable.”

~ Janell.

“Instructors were very knowledgeable and could clearly explain concepts and convey importance of strategy and architecture.

It was a more comprehensive, holistic approach to the subject than other training. Emphasis on understanding the business prior to technology considerations was reassuring to business stakeholders.”

~ Bernard.

“Sessions flow together well and build upon the concepts for the series which makes the learning easy and better retention.

The instructor is knowledgeable and very attentive to the audience given the range of attendees skill and knowledge of the subject at hand. I enjoy her training sessions.”

~ Deborah.

“I found the course interesting and will be helpful.

I like the pragmatic reality you discuss, while a rule tool would be great, recognizing  many people will use Word/Excel to capture them helps. We can’t jump from crazy to perfect in one leap!

Use of the polls is also great.  Helps see how everyone else is doing (we are not alone), and helps us think about our current state.”

~ Trevor.

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