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Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
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Capture Business Rules

Capturing Business Rules Using Facilitated Sessions – People

This service offering is ideal for projects that involve business change. BRS will conduct the complete business requirements phase using its structured, business-driven methodology.

If your rules are in people’s heads, or you don’t know the right questions to ask to get the rules, BRS can facilitate business rule capture through:

  • Intensive business rule capture with subject matter experts
  • Pragmatic, effective and proven approach
  • Facilitate divergent views and different personalities

We will compose an appropriate team for you that includes essential high-caliber facilitation and analysis skills. The organization must be prepared to commit to two 3-day facilitated sessions with business experts, along with the necessary training and preparation.

In conjunction with your staff, BRS will produce a complete business model within a 2-4 week timeframe. This model will define the appropriate business solution in detail, and will provide well-structured business requirements to support the subsequent phases of your project. These deliverables will reflect a rethinking of the business workflow and related terms and concepts. To round out the to-be models, an appropriate set of business rules and policies will be defined and organized. If desired, the complete set of business rules can be produced in HTML for distribution over your organization’s intranet.

Harvesting Business Rules from Source Material – Documentation & Code

Are your organization’s rules everywhere, but nowhere to be found? We can help! Let us reverse engineer your as-is rules from source documents, code, or the experts themselves. We can help you express, organize and analyze your complex rule sets, especially those pertaining to your products and services. Put our re-capture experience to work for you.

If you are overwhelmed by harvesting business rules from great big books, or you don’t know how to get started, BRS can facilitate business rule capture through:

  • Pragmatic, effective and proven plan and approach
  • Organization, management and validation of business rules as they are identified
  • Analysis of business rules for duplication, redundancy and accuracy