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Learn by Doing

Exploring business rules through live project work

About This Program …

Our Learn-By-Doing program is designed to pair Business Rule Solutions [BRS] consultants with internal staff to conduct live demonstration project work. Using a select subset of the business area, BRS consultants show how to convert business ideas, documents and policies to business rule statements and decision tables. Short tutorial sessions are embedded at strategic points to ensure participants understand the relevant tasks and techniques. Our goal in this hands-on approach is to enable your staff to effectively initiate and conduct the project work immediately after the sessions.

BRS’ goals for this engagement are as follows:

  • Capture, analyze and organize business strategy, business rules, business decisions and business requirements in the scoped area;
  • Provide the methodology and technique for developing and documenting the business rules; and
  • Provide knowledge transfer.

BRS will work with your staff to do the following:

  • Develop a consistent set of business vocabulary for use to specify business rules;
  • Harvest business rules from all relevant documentation;
  • Facilitate sessions involving Subject Matter Experts to create a comprehensive of business strategy, business process, business rules and business requirements for the scoped area;
  • Conduct one-on-one interviews to review, confirm, and validate all deliverables;
  • Specify business rules in a structured format using international recognized RuleSpeak and decision tables;
  • Analyze business rules to identify conflicts and duplications; and
  • Organize all business rules for easy management.

BRS will work with your staff to provide the following deliverables:

  • Clear definitions for all business terms and concepts needed to support the business rules;
  • A Concept Model to show the relationship between these terms and concepts;
  • Detailed business rules required to make decisions and to guide and/or control business processes. These rules may or may not be automated. These rules will be documented following BRS RuleSpeak™ guidelines or comprehensive decision table structure. These guidelines provide a basis for future rule management activities;
  • A Strategy Model using our Policy Charter technique;
  • A Process Model with description of each activities; and
  • Business requirements based on business strategy, business process and business rules.

Pricing …

  • $45,000-$65,000 based on scope plus travel and living expenses, as required.

Contact Gladys Lam (281) 217-9878 to discuss your requirement.