Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence

Request More Information on Business Analysis With Business Rules: From Strategy To Requirements

This training explains the innovative techniques needed for a business-driven approach, describes how to apply each for dramatic improvements in the quality of business requirements, and demonstrates how IT requirements specification can be coordinated for maximum business advantage. It shows how to ensure effective communication between business people and IT professionals, resulting in system designs that truly reflect business thinking.

This training can be offered online in various timezones to organizations world-wide.

  • There are a total of 6 sessions
  • Each session is 1.5 hours
  • This can be offered in 2 consecutive days

Benefits for You and Your Company

Easy: A phone line and computer with access to the Internet is all you need. Just dial in, enter your access code, and click to the website. Follow along with hand-outs provided in advance.

Convenient: No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office. Now you can learn state-of-the-art techniques from the world leaders in the comfort of your own work space.

Affordable: Your costs are a fraction of the normal travel and registration fees for public or on-site seminars. Do the math!

Team Training: Use these sessions as a cost-effective, time-efficient means to train supervisors, managers and staff on key points in a manner they will remember and act on.

Effective: Our sessions give you pragmatic techniques you can start to use as soon as you’re off the phone.

High-Impact: Fast paced and highly focused. No wasted time – perfect to fit your busy schedule.

Contact Gladys Lam glam@brsolutions.com for pricing information.