Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence
Enabling Operational Excellence

Request Onsite Training for Business Analysis With Business Rules: From Strategy To Requirements

This training explains the innovative techniques needed for a business-driven approach, describes how to apply each for dramatic improvements in the quality of business requirements, and demonstrates how IT requirements specification can be coordinated for maximum business advantage. It shows how to ensure effective communication between business people and IT professionals, resulting in system designs that truly reflect business thinking.

Onsite training provides more hands-on and interactive workshops.

It is also very common for organizations to request a 1- or 2-day interactive workshop immediately following the formal seminar. The interactive workshop allows internal business analysts an opportunity to see how techniques and concepts can be applied to active projects. Using inhouse source material and/or working with subject area experts, BRS will interactively demonstrate how to:

  • Develop strategy;
  • Use our 8 step approach to harvest business rules;
  • Develop a vocabulary model;
  • Specify, analyse and manage business rules;
  • Scope, manage and get started on business rules projects.

Contact Gladys Lam glam@brsolutions.com to discuss your requirements.