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Business Analysis with Business Rules: From Strategy to Requirements

Now you can learn state-of-the-art techniques from the world-leaders in the comfort of your own work desk!



This highly pragmatic series shows you how to achieve unparalleled success in business analysis. It details the innovative techniques you need for a business-driven approach, and how to apply each for dramatic improvements in the quality of business requirements. Find out how you can achieve simpler, smarter process models, and a huge boost in business agility. The innovative approach taught in this seminar has proven itself time and time again in achieving true business solutions. It enables you to transition smoothly into system requirements and design, and then into successful roll-out of a complete and highly effective business system.

Session 1. Introduction to Business Analysis with Business Rules

  • What it means to be business-driven
  • The role of business rules
  • The importance of factoring
  • The importance of audience
  • The art of business re-think
  • Business architecture vs. system design
  • Steps: developing the business architecture
  • About the pattern questions for capturing business rules
  • Ensuring complete business alignment

Session 2. Creating a Strategy for the Business Solution

  • How strategy is structured
  • Steps: developing the Policy Charter
  • Identifying and addressing business risks
  • Where business policies and business rules fit
  • Developing and refining the business tactics and business policies
  • Looking for holes in the business solution
  • Getting ready for modeling business processes
  • General pattern questions for harvesting business rules
  • Completion checklist for the Policy Charter

Session 3. Creating Business Process Models and Harvesting the Business Rules

  • What is business process from a business perspective
  • Developing business process models with business rules
  • Behavioral rules vs. decision rules
  • Where operational business decisions fit
  • How to avoid gridlock, meltdown and other pitfalls
  • How to handle special scenarios
  • Specific pattern questions for harvesting business rules from business process models
  • Steps: developing the process model
  • Completion checklist for business process models

Session 4. Creating a Business Vocabulary and Harvesting the Business Rules

  • Concept analysis: How to figure out what terms really mean
  • Guidelines for definitions — do’s and don’ts
  • The concept model: Developing a structured business vocabulary
  • Visualization
  • What to avoid
  • Specific pattern questions for harvesting business rules from the concept model
  • Steps: developing the concept model
  • Completion checklist for the concept model

Session 5. Completing the Business Architecture: Business Milestones, More Business Rules, Metrics and Rule Management

  • Developing business milestones: State transition from the business perspective
  • Specific pattern questions for harvesting business rules from business milestone models
  • Steps: developing the business milestones
  • Completion checklist for business milestones
  • Specific pattern questions for harvesting business rules for locations, links, roles and work products
  • Developing violation responses for behavioral rules
  • Completing the business architecture
  • Metrics, policy performance and performance indicators

Session 6. Creating Business Requirements from the Business Architecture

  • Using the business architecture to develop the system design
  • Steps: developing the system design
  • What the system design must support: ability statements
  • Developing ability statements
  • Business rule management
  • Business alignment – proven results

Benefits for You and Your Company

Easy: A phone line and computer with access to the Internet is all you need. Just dial in, enter your access code, and click to the website. Follow along with hand-outs provided in advance.

Convenient: No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office. Now you can learn state-of-the-art techniques from the world leaders in the comfort of your own work space.

Affordable: Your costs are a fraction of the normal travel and registration fees for public or on-site seminars. Do the math!

Team Training: Use these sessions as a cost-effective, time-efficient means to train supervisors, managers and staff on key points in a manner they will remember and act on.

Effective: Our sessions give you pragmatic techniques you can start to use as soon as you’re off the phone.

High-Impact: Fast paced and highly focused. No wasted time – perfect to fit your busy schedule.