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Engineering the Business Experience: How Processes, Rules, Data and Requirements Can All Work Together

“Top rated, top attended workshop at BBC for the last 3 years”

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Session Leader: Gladys Lam

About This Workshop …

This workshop illustrates hands-on, best-of-breed analysis techniques that can work together seamlessly to produce superior business solutions. Watch how a process model transforms when business rules and decisions are added. Work through a case study iteratively to demonstrate how business rules, decisions and vocabulary can dramatically improve your business requirements.

Do you have data quality problems? This workshop shows how business concepts and business rules can help you get out of the perpetual problem of creating complex logic to compensate for your data issues.

Make your models come to life. Prepare your designers to develop intelligent screen designs, work out smart usage scenarios, and create test scripts. Enable your business to achieve true business agility, pinpoint customization, and world-class quality in customer service.

Learn How To …

  • Simplify business process models by an order of magnitude or more.
  • Be a true partner in business innovation.
  • Use a Why Button to put business knowledge at workers’ fingertips.
  • Understand how business vocabulary and business rules can fix data quality problems.

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