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Business Rule Manifesto FAQs Added to BRCommunity.com

I am pleased to announce that a comprehensive set of authoritative FAQs about the Business Rules Manifesto has been added to BRcommunity.com: http://www.brcommunity.com/brm.php The Manifesto is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – and remains as powerful and as vibrant to today’s business challenges as ever. I will be covering a good many of its insights in my Sunday tutorial, Business Rules: The Why and the What, at this year’s Business Rules Forum conference, part of BBC2012 (Oct. 28 – Nov. 2, Ft. Lauderdale, FL): http://www.buildingbusinesscapability.com/ The FAQs explain in-depth how the Manifesto relates to a great many pressing issues on today’s business agenda, including …
    • Requirements
    • Business Processes
    • Business Analysis
    • Business Agility
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Zachman Framework  
    • Knowledge Retention
    • Events
    • Enforcement
The new BRCommunity Insider also provides insight into the general positioning and structure of the Manifesto, as well as point-by-point clarification of individual Principles. The Manifesto is just 2-pages and free. It has now been translated into some 15 languages: http://www.businessrulesgroup.org/brmanifesto.htm The Manifesto is a rare thing in our field – a timeless work that seems more and more prescient which each passing year.

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RulesSayMustNot contest starting again.. iPad anyone?

guest post by Gladys S.W. Lam Hello all, It’s time again to look out for those silly, frustrating or dumb rules that you encounter in everyday life. Our RulesSayMustNot contest continues again this year. Last year’s iPad winner was Christopher Heritage, Business Analyst at Liberty Medical Supply. See how happy he is with his iPad and Tshirt … For those of you who forgot the rules for our contest, it’s simple: submit your rules; our LinkedIn members vote; the top 10 get circulated at the 2012 Building Business Capability Conference. Attendees at the conference join in the fun and the owner of the rule that receives the most votes wins an iPad! We had tremendous fun at last year’s conference. In the next little while, I will release some of the great entries from last year to get your rule thinking juices flowing. Look out for business rules … they are all around you. Happy business rule hunting!!

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