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A Week of Silly Signs & Rules from China: Day 2 – Signs of The Times

For a little background on this 5-day series of posts see: http://www.brsolutions.com/2013/07/08/a-week-of-silly-signs-rules-from-china-day-1-whats-that-motivation/ 2.1 No musical instruments allowed in this parking garage.           2.2 [Foul Weather – Slow Down] … A place with perpetually bad weather I suppose??         2.3 [No Burning (right in front of a building)] … Did not realize a sign was really needed for that?!       2.4 [Be Safe] … Just a little light on detail there?           2.5 [Climbing and fishing are prohibited at the long corridor along the river. It’s dangerous with the electricity. The people who violate those shall undertake the responsibility by himself/herself.] … This river must have a very strong current …     2.6 [Thanks Mom & Dad] … Graffiti on the Great Wall to really make your parents really proud.               2.7 [Hall of Mental Cultivation] … Definitely the place to be for the fungus-minded among us.     2.8 [ETC] … I believe every set of toll booths should have an etc. lane.             2.9 [No Where] … Where you can always pretty much get a good table.     2.10 [Mind Your Head!] … No unminded heads please!  

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A Week of Silly Signs & Rules from China: Day 1 – What’s that Motivation?!

I recently spent 2.5 weeks in China. Naturally I had to collect silly signs, rules and etc. But first a little context. China is making a tremendous effort of outreach to the world. I can’t begin to explain all the reasons, but the effort to present an understandable ‘user experience’ is extraordinary. So enjoy the Chinglish, but in a spirit of respect and admiration. Comments (and interpretations) welcome! 1.1 [Be Careful of the Stairs] … Because they ARE out to get you.         1.2. [Pass Unimpeded – Accessible Facility] … When understanding the signs can be an impediment in itself.             1.3. [Deep Water – Keep Away Safety – No Fishing – No Swimming] … I sense there’s a ringer in that list.           1.4 [Help Protect the Cultural Relics – Help Protect the Railings] … May I suggest a railing to protect that railing.             1.5 [Do Not Climb …] Some rules are made to be broken …               1.6 [If You Have Heart or Brain Disease, Please Ascend the Great Wall According to Your Ability] … If you have brain disease can you really be the judge?         1.7 [Here to Upstairs] … For avoidance of doubt …     1.8 [Saliva Chicken] … What could possibly be more tempting?!           1.9 [Cellphones prohibited during Thunderstorms] … Everybody knows cell phones attract lightening.  

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