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27 Countries, 43 States, 9 Provinces and a Game of Mah Jong

The Building Business Capability (BBC) conference at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, last week (Oct 31-Nov 4) was fantastic. BBC, jointly organized by BRS and Rising Media, is the official conference of the IIBA®. Over 1,400 people attended from 27 countries around the world, 43 U.S. states, and 9 Canadian provinces. If you weren’t there, you missed a great one! Here’s what the crowd looked like.






BRS Co-Founder & Principal Gladys S.W. Lam kicked off the conference in style.











I tweeted real-time photos of what the audience looked like from the stage. I’m joined by Alain Arseneault of IIBA and Roger Burlton.










Here’s what everybody looked like from up there. Of course, I couldn’t see a thing because of the spotlights. But I knew the people were out there. I heard them clapping for Gladys.








I gave my keynote on Thursday. Here’s my main message: In decades past, operational business excellence depended entirely on people. Back then people had to channel operational business knowledge through to products and customers. There was no other option – people always had to be in the loop. But that’s simply not true anymore. Nowadays machines can do that work. What’s the most basic form of operation business knowledge? Business rules!










Gladys’s conference session was packed. She’s always a big hit at BBC.








Gladys taught everyone about mah jong. If you want to know how that relates to business rules you should ask her. She loves to explain.







The conference expo floor was jam-packed. What a buzz!








Traffic at the BRS booth was non-stop.








Somehow I managed to wrestle the mic away from Roger Burlton, Ellen Gottediener, and John Zachman to make a point during the closing Opinion of Gurus panel, moderated by Roger Tregear. Great way to end the week on a high note!









See more: https://storify.com/RisingMedia/building-business-capability-las-vegas-2016

BBC is the place to be for business rules, decision engineering, business architecture, business process, business analysis, and business transformation.

See you next year in Orlando, Nov. 6-10, 2017!

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