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Words of Wisdom re: Business Rules Initiatives from the Sydney BBC Conference … See If You Agree

From Matthew Cooper’s presentation at the Sydney Building Business Capability (BBC) Conference – Sept. 10-11, 2012 …
  • “No progress will be made until you achieve a common business vocabulary. You just have to have it.”
  • “Vocabulary, facts, rules. You can’t do them one at a time. You have to do them together, iteratively.”
  • “Writing business rules helps you get your concept model right … and find out when it’s wrong.”
  • “It’s uncanny how business rules help you identify inconsistencies and problems in current or proposed practices so early-on. Massive benefit!”
  • “In our experience not more than perhaps 10% of project effort went to establishing a common vocabulary.”

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My keynote for the Sydney BBC Conference next week … Business Rules: Putting the Business Back in Control

Doing more of the same, just faster, is not going to close the gap between what business people need and what IT can deliver. And no silver bullets will ever fix the problem. Instead, your company needs to rethink its current means and methods – to take a step back and really see the elephant. Proven solutions for today’s challenges and opportunities exist. The handwriting is on the wall for those who wish to see it, a new vision for truly business-driven IT. The end-goal is empowerment, both of business people and of business analysts. Come and share a fresh look at business processes, business requirements, and business architectures, and see how better business capabilities are readily within reach.
  • Engineering policy-based business solutions
  • Order-of-magnitude improvements in business capabilities
  • Compliance, traceability and know-how – all built-in
  • The pathway from gridlock to business agility
  • Taking business analysis to the next level
  • Restoring a sense of empowerment and creativity in the workplace

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