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Is There Always a Process for Everything That Happens? … Definitely Yes and No

A restaurant sometimes allows members of a party to split the bill for a meal so each person can pay just part. Business Rule: The amount paid for a meal may be split among the members of the party served the meal only if all the following are true:
  • Each member initials his or her portion of the amount paid on the bill for the meal.
  • Each member provides the room number in which he or she is currently registered in the hotel
Does the restaurant have some business process for collecting payment? Of course. The bill for meals usually does get paid (usually involving a transform of my personal financial resources!). But that’s not the right question. The real question is whether the business process is simply ad hoc, or modeled and prescribed (or somewhere in between). No matter, the business rule always applies. That’s important because there will always be at least some ad hoc business activity – and perhaps quite a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This post excerpted from our new book (Oct, 2011) Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules. See:  http://www.brsolutions.com/b_building_business_solutions.php

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