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What is Your Company Doing re: Customer Experience?

Just finished reading a column “The Magic of Good Service” in The Economist (Sept 22 – http://www.economist.com/node/21563295). It’s well worth a quick read. Some of the ideas it discusses are below. Apologies for the buzzword salad … The opinion piece suggests these are management fads unlikely to improve much of anything. I’m interested in experience anyone has had with any of these ideas. Drop me a quick comment (Thanks!). I’m especially interested in coupling (or substituting) these ideas with business rules and decision management – which seems to me like the natural thing to do.
  • Chief Customer Officer (CCO): “… some firms have started appointing chief customer officers (CCOs) … These new additions to the … C-suite are supposed to look at the business from the customer’s point of view.”
  • Holistic Customer Experience / Customer for Life: “… [focusing] on the entire ‘customer experience’, rather than on individual transactions.”
  • Journey Maps: “… [identifying] the ‘journeys’ that customers take—such as choosing a product, paying for it or asking for help—and then follow them on their travels to see if they encounter any problems.”
  • Customer Archetypes: “… [inventing] archetypes of different sorts of customers to fine-tune their services.”

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